Problems with New LH-201AP

My first three disks burned on my brand new LH-201AP are coasters. While they are crappy disks, I burned over 150 of them on my NEC 3550a with no problems. I don’t believe that I have just now encountered a bunch of bad disks with the very first disk that I tried in this new burner. I tried burning at 48X and 32X. The results are the same. The garbage is only at the beginning of the disks. DMA is enabled on the drive. Do I have a defective drive?

Lead Data aren’t exactly known to make high quality CD-R media.

Perhaps you could try burning another type of CD-R?

After this post, I tried burning again at 16X and got the same result. Then I tried a CMC Magnetics CDR and got a 97% quality. So, it appears that this drive does not like cheap disks, like the NEC does.

The reason I use cheap disks is because I burn a radio show on them, listen to them once, and then throw them away. My CD player in my car does not like CDRWs.

If the testing continues to give these results, it appears that I should probably stick with my NEC drive for this purpose.

The thing that bothers me is that I normally burn CDs and DVDs without checking them. They always work. Now, if I use this drive, I am going to have to do a quality check on each disk. Should there be some sort of burn-time feedback letting me know that there is a problem?

Most burning problems (on any drive) will not be apparent during burning, so you will have to be check the disc after burning, if you want to be sure. I do this with every single disc I burn and intend to keep.

Thanks much for the feedback. I’ll continue to try different disks in the Lite-On drive to learn what it likes. It’s just frustrating that a newer drive is less tolerant of disks than an older drive. This new drive is the only one of about 5 I have that does not like these disks. Maybe that makes sense, but it doesn’t to me.

The NEC ND-3550A is a better CD-R burner than any LiteOn DVD burner I’ve used myself, so I’d burn those CD-R on the 3550 when possible if I were you.

I have a NEC ND-4551A which is hardware identical to the 3550 (different firmware), a LiteOn LH-20A1P as well as other NEC/Optiarc and LiteOn drives.

Oops. Quick correction. My drive is an LH-20A1P, the same as yours, but the box says that it does have LightScribe.

Should I try custom firmware for my LH drive?

That’s odd - the 20A1P definitely doesn’t have Lightscribe support. Perhaps you got a box with the wrong drive?

BTW I thought you wrote you had a 20A1H drive, which is why I mentioned Lightscribe and caused this confusion. :o

Should I try custom firmware for my LH drive?
If you use unofficial firmware on your drive, you will lose all warranty. So don’t do this until you’re satisifed that your drive is working properly and you’re ready to accept the loss of warranty.

I use C0deKing’s FastBurn KL0N firmware on my LH-20A1P, but the modified firmwares don’t change CD-R(W) burning in any way - only DVD burning is affected.

Okay, so it appears that my drive does not do LightScribe, which is not an issue becaue I didn’t need it anyway. The confusion arose because the drive was on the shelf in the same area as LS drives, and the manual in the box clearly lists the drive as being LS.

So I burned another of these disks on another computer with a Plextor 5224 CDRW drive. Take a look at these numbers. How can one drive burn 100% and another drive cause CD-DVD Speed to show damaged sectors? These disks are not that inconsistent. I can understand the Lite-On drive not liking them, I think, but I cannot understand this big discrepancy.

The Plextor drive you’re using doesn’t support scanning CDs in CDSpeed, so the scan is meaningless.

I suggest you use your NEC 3550 for scanning CDs and use 32x as scanning speed.

The LiteOn DVD burners like the 20A1P will scan CDs, but they only show a fraction of the C1 errors (E31 instead of E11+E21+E31) so they are not good for scanning CDs.

Here is the same disk read on the NEC ND-3550A.

That’s a good scan. :iagree:

I sure wish I could understand what is happening here. I’m scared to trust a disk burned on the Lite-On drive.