Problems with new graphics card


I recently bought a new graphics card and a number of problems started to appear occasionally under Windows 7:

  1. A green screen shows for a couple of seconds and a continuing flickering on the monitor.

  2. The monitor goes off and on every a few seconds.

  3. Sound is distorted (a scratching noise is heard from the background).

The above happen with either displayport or hdmi cable from the graphics card to the monitor. I have speakers connected to the monitor. The above don’t happen with Ionboard graphics, so I am assuming it’s not the monitor. I am using the latest drivers.

Should I return the graphics card?

Any other ideas?


Which card?

Which PSU?

Do you have only sometimes these probs and most time it works?


ASRock Radeon RX560 4GB and Corsair CX430.

They don’t happen all the time and not at the same time, but they keep repeating every 1-2 days.


Hm, heard of these or similar problems with AMD Graphics and mostly with Dell monitors. Do you have one?

Can you try DVI?


It’s a Samsung and it only has displayport/hdmi ports.


The green screen happens with AMD Graphics if:

RAM voltage is to low (not sure whether it´s only a prob of onchip-graphics)

Old graphic driver

To high RAM/GPU-clock in the graphic card settings

Here I found a topic, but not sure if it help you

I don´t want to start a war of opinions, but I prefer Nvidia-cards, especially after trying AMD-cards


I am using the card with its default settings and I don’t stress it (other than using 3840x2160 resolution). I intentionally bought an AMD card to use FreeSync. I don’t see the topic in your reply.


Oops, sorry


…could be easily the fact that the PSU is too weak for all your hardware…


Nope, if it happens in idle.

The CX430 is not high end, but a stable build by CWT.



Nothing of that were mentioned.