Problems with Nero Burning Software

I have put together a ‘movie’ from footage taken on a recent holiday with friends but I have had problems in burning it to dvd. I have put together files in Windows’ Media Maker and put half of those files together into one title for DVD 1 and the other half into into one title for DVD 2. Each of these titles is then marked into about 15 chapters.
I have a photo for the menu background and just still ‘buttons’ (they aren’t animated at all) and music playing on the menu.
Basically when I try to burn either project it goes through the 7/8 hour Transcoding process and then opens the Rom Drive drawer for a DVD to be put in. As soon as the DVD is inserted the program freezes and comes up with a message titled (something like) ‘Visual C + + Virtual Memory Error’ with the description (something like) Abnormal program shutdown’
I have always put the DVD in the time it gives you, and have recently added more RAM as I believe that caused problems in the past.
I HAVE burned DVD’s with NERO before so I can’t imagine quite whats now wrong.
In my anger i have deleted any Error Reports. Is there anything obvious I should try before trying it again to get you an Error Report??

Please help.

Create an image, then burn this to dvd using ImgBurn.

Do you mean burn to my hard disk and then burn that? I have tried that, and it caused a different error.
I tried the burn again last night, it didnt bring an error report but it had the same error which was
“Microsoft Visual C + + Runtime Library
Runtime error!
Program: C\Progfiles…Ahead\Nerovsion\Nerovision
abnormal program termination”

Uninstall Nero properly, reboot and the install it NEW.

Ok I tried burning an image (I worked out what you meant) It transcoded it fine again but when it came to actually saving the file it came up with the same “Microsft Visual C++” message again.

So I uninstalled and reinstalled Nero again then went to Nero’s website and updated Nero to latest download and tried it. Same message.

I have uninstalled it again - is there anything I need to do to make sure it is uninstalled properly? Am I ok the assume that the uninstall process has removed all it should?
I’m slightly unsure about wether to install it again. It’s one that a friend gave me when he changed computers as he got a new program with his new one. Part of me wondered about buying the latest one complete from the website, but if it’s going to do the same i don’t want to waste more money?

Thanks for help so far hopefully a little more might get me there!!

Go here : to see what other people do when uninstalling Nero. Go to Ahead’s site and download the Nero cleaning tool that you run after uninstalling Nero.

Wow! Is there a MS update for this?

Tah very much all of you. An uninstall, Clean sweep with the Nero Cleaning tool, then a reinstall, update from as it came up with a ‘known compatability error’ message between my windows version and nero. (it hadnt come up with that before) then a slower burn speed and I have done it!! Many thanks y’all!