Problems with Nero Burning DIVX(?)

I downloaded an unprotected movie (legally, of course) which the site says was in DIVX format. The file is large and has an .avi extension. Is this in fact a DIVX file? What is the DIVX extension, if not?

I am running the trial version of Nero 7 and I was able to load this file and burn to DVD. Unfortunately, there are lots of artifacts, the movie is pretty much there, but too many artifacts to watch. Any ideas? Perhaps a setting that needs to be properly set?

The burned DVD did not have chapters, so it is going to be a hassle to navigate. Is there any way to break it up into chapters? They don’t need to be in any particular spot, but let’s say 3 or 4 breaks so that I don’t have to hit the >> for a minute to get to the middle.

Can only answer the first part - DivX movies have different extentions - Avi is one of them, yes. I don’t think there is a separate extention for it. If you want to know the precise format, including version, of the codec, a small program called AVICodec ( will give you the precise data.

Am not expert on Nero, though, so I cannot help with the rest of the questions.

Remember avi is a highly compressed format no matter what codec used to encode, so you will get artifacts/blockiness when converting to dvd.

AFAIK, Nerovision Express allows you to manually add chapters to your dvd’s before it converts them, although I don’t rememeber the exact procedure.

First get pgm GSpot, it will tell you the exact codec used. If it is Divx use DivxtoDVD before burning. Will work like a charm.
The above link will get you the pgm GSpot.

OK, I have not verified whether this file is .avi is DIVX, but the site I downloaded it from claims it is, so I will go with that.

I was able to convert it to DVD format (bunch of files, vob, etc) and burn it to DVD using Nero 7 Express Essentials and it came out fine. I used the converter from Unfortunately, it only converted about 3.3GB worth, I am inquiring as to whether this is a restriction on the trial version, the website doesn’t say that it has any restriction.

Is there another reliable DIVX to DVD program that I can use either freeware or trial version to try and get the whole thing converted? This vso program apparently adds a watermark, can someone clarify? Is this an obtrusive thing?

I don’t anticipate having to do this often, so I can’t justify purchasing software for this task.