Problems with Nero, Backup, and .NCO

I backed up my computer with Nero, and it later crashed. I have all the disks, but one of them is too scratched to recover anything. 7 of the disks are fine, but Nero won’t let me skip one and just get the data off of the other. Please help me with any of the following:

  1. Getting Nero to skip the missing DVD and get the remaining data
  2. Getting Nero to let me get the data off of each DVD individually (rather than trying to do a recovery)
  3. Convert all the files (over 40,000) from .NCO to something else. There is over 30 Gig of music and this is the only backup I have. Thanks!!!

There is an alternative. Take the disk to dvd-movie rental shop, or game store that has a polishing machine. Let them resurface the dvd for a few bucks.