Problems with Nero 8 backing up dvds

New here, so if this has been covered, my apologies. I looked for the search tool to check, but didn’t see what I was looking for. I recently got a new computer with Vista. My older versions of DVD-shrink/Nero will not work with Vista. I purchased Nero 8 and installed it. I used the shrink to format my back-up, and commenced to use Nero 8 to burn it. I have 3 dvd players in the house, and none would play the disc. My newest player brought up the movie, but it started 1 hour 20 minutes into the flick. I couldn’t scroll or rewind at all. The other players would not even recognize it as a usable disc. I put it into my PC and it plays fine. I took it to a buddie’s house and the same thing occurred. PC plays movie fine, dvd players don’t. I looked into the video files of one of the backed up discs, and the video tracks were all there in order. I am far from a computer wiz, so I need help on what I am doing wrong. I went to Nero’s sight, and they want me to call them at $1.29 per minute. There has got to be a better way than getting housed for more $ than I already have paid for the software.

Please post your burn log from nero. That will help to see what is going on. Welcome to the forum VENTURA.