Problems with NERO 7

Hey guys,

I am having some trouble with my NERO 7 program. I can burn my data in about 5 minutes typically depending on the speed of the DVD-R I am using but when I began burning this morning it is taking about 40-45 minutes. I am using the same disks and burner that I always use, but for some reason it is burning super slow. I tried to reinstall it earlier but it is still slow. I tried a different brand of disk with the same burning speed and still no luck. Is there something I am missing? Please help. Thanks.

Check your DMA, sounds like your drives are in PIO mode.

okay, so I actually have two burners. NERO was working fine on my sony internal burner and that is the one that is now taking 45 minutes to burn with. I just tried using my external burner and it is working fine. Is it safe to assume that the problem is something to do with the internal burner and not NERO? I will check the settings as you suggested, but I have not messed with them so I dont think that they would have been changed, but I will check it out to be sure. Thanks for your help.

DMA is changed by errors from the media in your drive…after so many errors XP changes the data transfer mode to the slower mode (PIO) to better cope with the errors being presented but doesn’t change it back to DMA, you have to do this manually.

Yep, I went into the device manager and sure enough somehow it was swithed from DMA to PIO mode. Initially I tried to just click on the drop down menu, but that did not work. I ultimately had to uninstall the drive and reboot my computer. Now I am back up and running at top speed. Thanks you guys saved me tons of frustration!

Congrats…happy burning.