Problems with Nero 7 Wave Editor


i ve an problem with the nero 7 wave editor. when i try to open any file with the nero 7 wave editor (3) i can open only mp3 files, wav, ect - but cant open wma or ogg files. when i browser through my music folders and open a folder with wma or ogg containing files, i even cant see them and i cant change the file handler to open *.all files.

that was only the first problem i do have…

the next problem is that nero wave editor still didnt close after i did my work with it and try to close it. the whole window disappears but when i hit strg/alt/del and look at the task manager i see that the instance or nero wave editor is still running in the background of windows. i ve mentioned that when i dont kill this process manually with the task manager, my computer needs much longer to to shut down/reboot windows. i do know its depending on the wave editor wich is running in the background.

  • THIS problem happens only when i clicked on the open file icon or on the nero wave editor task and hit “open”.
    if i just drag and drop the files from the windows explorer to nero wave editor, the program shuts down regulary after i closed it and dont run anymore in the background.

with nero 6 that problem didnt happened ! i ve made a clean uninstall of nero 6 (with the clean tool) and i tried the wave editor with the default plugins wich came with nero and i ve tried it with my own plugins - still the same problems ! I ve tried the latest 3 nero 7 versions - same problem with all versions.

does anyone knows a solution for that behaviour ? i even would like to know if this is a bug or if it only concerns to my system.