Problems with Nero 6 WaveEditor

I have a problem with the Nero Wave Editor 2020. This is the Wave Editor that came with Nero 6.0015 - 60023, update package. It’s so unstable I couldn’t even load it. It gives an error message “Wave Editor dll has encountered a problem and needs to close. Please tell Microsft about this problem”

At first install, I would find it working, but later after running other programs, it stops. I don’t have this problem with the Wave editor of the first Nero 6 release, and all the version 5.5 updates.

Re-intalling Nero doesn’t solve the problem. Please help…


I know what you mean, I have hangs when I use it. Haven’t found any help for this problem on the Nero site. Also, some of the effects don’t look right when they are opened and most of the time I can’t close it, have to do a control-alt-delete to exit. This wav editor has serious problems and I am using Nero 6! You would think that the folks at Nero would have spotted this by now.:rolleyes: :frowning:

I’ve got a problem with Nero Wave Editor 3.003 on my PC,
On the toolbar, NO “Volume” shows up or many of the "Enhancement"
Features. what is strange is, they all work fine on my laptop!
I have contacted Nero with no response yet.
It seems to be a “Windows common file” problem as WaveEditor
uses many of the Windows Media files for their program;
but this suks, cause I don’t know which one I need!

Nero 6’s waveeditor works fine, but I like the Nero7.
I wish they would make “Waveeditor a stand-alone product”,
this would take a lot of the headache out of having to un-install
and re-install the product to find the friggin problem.

Any help would be appreciated.