Problems with nero

i have nero 6 reloaded with all the updates, I am transfering all my cassettes and vinyl records onto cd. i ahve transferedsoem of my records already and when i did this i was able to edit the wave file. However since updating to the option has disappeared. am i able to revert to and if so where do i find it now. Or would i be better off getting version 7 or roxio 8 media

Try this link.
There is a free trial version here and that may solve your problem if you are used to this version you should be able to enter your licence number into it. Nero 7 has some issues at the moment so I would wait.
I have done as you have with my tapes and vinyl. I started of with Nero but bought a creative sound card 7.1 (for a really low price) which came with similar software that I found was easier and better than the Nero system. I particularly liked the clean up option for the hiss on tapes as well as the noise on records.
Hope this helps you.

Roxio V7.5 is as far as I’d go. I don’t like what I’ve seen of the changes in V8 so I’m happy sticking to 7.5.

However, the downgrade to will probably suit you better.

BTW I always keep a few previous versions of Nero just in case.

Besides the 10 or so discs of Nero in my collection I have numerous downloads and up dates from ver.5.
Being somewhat of a horder helps, you never know when it will come in handy. LOL :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

thanks all i usually do save the updates but am unable to find
will try the site though

Download from here: