Problems with Nero 5.5



I’ve got a Creative Labs 12x10x32 cdrw burnproof writer that has always worked fine before. Now though, when I attempt to copy a cd using Nero 5.5 (same as I used to), the cd will copy but the read buffer will continue to decrease fairly rapidly and then stops the cd from copying. The buffer fills back up again, copying continues and the same thing continues to happen. A full 12x burn used to take around 7 mins and now it takes roughly 13-14 mins because of this problem. This is very frustrating. What can I do to remedy this problem? Thanks in advance.



Have you installed new software recently?

Had this problem once with a scratched CD, it failed to read it properly and thus emptying the buffer constantly (once it took me all night to make 1 copy this way).

Perhaps reinstall Nero?


This happens when I burn off my harddrive as well as on the fly. I’ve not installed anything new, no. Any other suggestions?



Originally posted by Seraphic
[B]This happens when I burn off my harddrive as well as on the fly. I’ve not installed anything new, no. Any other suggestions?

Seraphic. [/B]

i had endless troubles with my old hp 7200+ (2/2/6) cdr/rw plus different nero software. i now use 5048 and 5518 on different separate hdds. 1. test your cd-rom (evtl. cdr/rw-drives by using a new full cd maybe windows or whatever plus the 2 programs cdcheck …267(download from: has soemtimes eject-problems(win95b/winme-do not use eject-feature. i tested endless amount of cds with 100% success. i had troubles with 3 of 12 cds(windows). cdcheck has verified all 3…

2nd programm is cd-speed 99(in a fe days from june 4th new version 2000 is maybe offered). download from (bottom of page) i had some troubles and found out that the program works properly after a first run only.i have socket 7plus/p166mmx-board. i have several cd-romdrives. i noticed that one has really read-problems. maybe clean the lens with lens fluid or distilled water(no alcohol).

i always make an image-file if i have to copy a cd. this is the savest method. if you do not want use the method you used beforehand but: maybe the rams are defective. download 2files from (under testprogramme: ctspd plus ctramtst, one is test and the other is identification, replace ram if there are errors shown). i have windows-hangs(blocking windows, reinstalled but again the same bugs, until i received a hint from have different newsletters). and it was one defective sdram of 2x64…

  1. when you have repaired your cd(if it has to be), use the writer as reader, make an image onto a 650 or 700 partition(use partition magic 6.0- 2disk only-first is a boot disk, open the second. i used it successfully without any danger for data. it is simple and effective.:wink: -