Problems with Nero

Sorry if this has been discussed before but i have searched the forums and couldn’t find anything.

Bascially in the past day nero has been acting wierd as hell. I have a ltr-48246s which was running with 52246s firmware. I noticed that nero was having a hardtime reading my source files causing burn-proof to kick in or the burns to basically mess up. At first i thought it was cause the paritition my source files were on was heavily fragmented. But then i moved the files to an empty paritition and was still having problems. I then tried using nero’s determine maxium speed and simulate options. But for some reason they would be greyed out at any right speeds greater then 4x. So i reflashed my burner back to ltr-48246s latest firmware. Now i can run the tests but the determine maxium speed my source drive can’t go faster then 24x. I have burned tonnes of stuff with my system and i know that my drives can go up to max speeds. In fact only 3 days ago i was burning some stuff at full speed. This is an extremely aggrivating problem as i have a lot of stuff i need to burn off.

My system
AthlonXP 1700+ @ 11x200 @ 1.55v
KingstonHyperX KHX3000 512mb @ 2-2-2-6 Sync
Vantec Aeroflow
ASUS A7N8X DELUXE V2.0 (nforce 2)
Leadtek GF4 Ti4200 128mb
Win2K Sp4

Current drive configuration
PS Old Maxtor 5400rpm 8gig
SM ltr-48246s
SS Liteon DVD

I am using the Nvidia nforce2 ATA drivers from the nforce2 3.13 unified drivers, but have never had a problem with them as i said above only 3 days ago i was burning a full speed not a thing has changed in my setup(execpt for going back a forth between 48x and 52x firmware).I am using media from the very same spindle though i don’t thinks its a media problem.

Thanks for listening (BTW generally thanks to all the cdfreaks peeps have found your forums to very useful)

I ran into a similar problem, with Stomp’s RecordNowMax… it turned out, my discs were burning extremely well for a month or two, because I wasn’t using any buffer underrun protection (I don’t think the version I had implemented it yet). But then, my burner acted like it was dying. I was just about ready to replace it, when I decided to uninstall Stomp, and reinstall Easy CD Creator (which had excellent underrun protection at the time).

Well… I wasn’t able to burn at those mega-high speeds, that Stomp used (the protection prevented that), but the burner worked like new again. And continued to work like new, until I got a better one a year or so later. So what I’m saying, I guess, is that burning at full speed, while convenient, might not be healthy for your system.

Try uninstalling and reinstalling Nero, and enabling this feature, or try the free upgrade to Nero 6, if you qualify for the Xmas special on their website. Might help.

All The Best, BK.

Tried uninstalling and reinstalling nero. Didn’t work. I have the OEM version so no nero 6 for me. It must be some sort of win2k or nero config problem. I just can’t figure out what.

Try simple things first. If you still have a large file, that burned successfully in the past, power off the PC completely, and restart (to completely reinitialize everything), and try burning the older file. If that goes okay, you at least know that the new material you’re attempting to burn, might be to blame (a duff file here or there could do it), and not your system.

Keep The Faith, BK.