Problems with NEC1300A and TEAC W540 together

Hi all I have a problem, hope it can be solved… I bought recently a NEC 1300A for DVDs, and put it to work with my old TEAC cd burner… what happens is now that the TEAC does not work good! What happens is that the cds are made well but they do not load… if they have an executable (i.e. autorun.exe) the error that comes out is something like “missing link the dynamic library to file kernel32.dll” or something like this and mp3 CDs when listened on the cd-player hear very crappy … I know it sounds strange… the dvd burns dvds and cds perfectly, however it does not burn 100 minutes cds… what can i do? :confused:
Any help is appreciated… First the TEAC was a primary master, put it on slave… then realized the “accident” of made-bad cds I re-put it on master… so now it’s primary master for the teac and secondary master for the NEC… any help please :confused: ?

Data corruption. What chipset does your mobo have?

IDE drives are crap.
This is not so strange.

Try to leave the system the same as it was before adding the NEC drive, and see if still works OK.
The add the NEC in a way that it doesn’t “disturb” the system.

It won’t probably happen if you use PIO mode instead of DMA.

Hi and thanks for replying … My mobo is an Abit KG7-RAID… you think that moving it on the secondary controller would solve the problem? :confused:

Your mobo has the buggy 686B southbridge.
Data corruption might exist if the source and target drives are in different IDE controllers.

Thanks for being always so kind in your answers!

I think there is nothing to do then? Must i throw it away?
The NEC Drive does not overburn 100 minutes discs
Thanks for helping and sorry if i am a bit dumb in hardware things… can i ask you please what would be the best things to do now? Panic mode is on sigh

In order to confirm that it’s the Via bug, you might want to put your source drive (hard disk) and target drive (a “problematic” burner) in the same cable.
Data corruption should only happen if the source and target drives are in different IDE controllers.

Another thing to try is disabling DMA.
Poor performance (don’t try to burn faster than 8x or 16x), but probably no corruption).

Once confirmed that the problem is the Via bug, if you don’t find a configuration where you can avoid the problem (you have too many drives), try the Via Latency Patch that it’s explained in the page I wrote in my previous post.

Hi thanks for all the help… before moving cables (not too good even in that :P) I searched for the VIA bug as you said and found latest drivers… Installed them (Hyperion version) and now all works fine. Thanks for the precious help man! :bigsmile: