Problems with NEC 6650a after Flash "Dell's Flash"

gday glad ive fount the site as after flashing my dvd drive friday last week ive had problems, 1st i ran all the tests dell put you through, i was only getting cd to work but not burn, would’nt even run dvd let alone burn

Windows Vista Home Premium starts up and asks for a driver everytime “no drivers needed according to the nec site” mmm reading on i decided to remove the drive and see if windows made a fresh install

well i cant even get the drive to show up after that, ive tried to re-flash with same firmware but drive doesnt show up to flash

drive was burning ok with no problems prior to flash, flash was succesful according to screen then re-booted and bingo problems

so i need some guidance as im totally stuck with it

appreciate any help you can give me or point me in the right direction


That is a OS problem, you have to ask m$ or DELL.

Thought as much ive already been there with zero luck

lots of tasks to try and sadly none of them actually work, oh well best keep searching for the fix

cheers anyhows :slight_smile:

good old dell my support has run out 3.5 weeks ago

so padellling uphill against the current as usual