Problems with NEC 3520A


I recently brought a NEC 3520A and am having a real problem getting it to work. It is installed on my computer as a Slave to my Lite-On CD Writer which come with the computer. Windows XP found the hardware OK and installed it using standard drivers (I didn’t get any drivers with it). I was running DVD Shrink to back-up my DVD and put a blank Maxell RW DVD in the 3520A with the master DVD in my CD Writer/DVD Rom. DVD shrink didn’t seem to recognise that I had a blank disc in my 3520A and in windows explorer the drive name for the 3520A kept changing from DVD RW to CD Drive. I only have limited knowledge of computers so can someone help me and explain what the problem might be and step by step how to fix it.


Well to start with it needs to be the master drive ideally (swap them round). make sure it’s set to DMA enabled. (my computer/system information/hardware/device manager/ide atapi controllers/ secondary IDe channel) Make sure that the slider box is set to DMA enabled.

Finally when you’ve checked that, can you post what hardware (chip/ mobo/ memory) you have so that far more intellegent types than me can help?

Good luck.


Thanks for the starting advice I will give that a try tonight and let you know the out come. If no good I will also look for the additional information you required.



Start with what DaneR said. Also as far as 3520A kept changing from DVD RW to CD Drive, I never seen that you may need a new pc. :rolleyes: :bigsmile:
H = NEC 3500

Doesn’t it change depending whether you have a CD or DVD in?

(just so ASmith doesn’t run off to PCWorld ;))

Yes I was just being a wise ass and thats why I add the pictures. :rolleyes: :slight_smile: