Problems with NEC 3520A

I have a problem with my writer , I think.

I tried to burn some files of 4.5 gb on a princo dvd-r 4x disc, and I got reading errors every time. If i try to burn lets say just 3gb i wont get any errors, only if i use the whole disc.

is this a problem with my writer or should i try different media?

Well, you are the “Genius” :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway, yes try another media, good quality this time.

Also, get Nero CD-DVD Speed test program,
and use one blank media and do the Create Data disc to see how the burn goes.

i tried to burn at 2x speed and still get reading errors, i cant even burn 1 disc without getting reading errors, I cant use this drive for data backup

my old plextor 2x dvd-r drive , at least burned without errors even with cheap media, slow but without errors

the test showed an average speed of 4.14x

Goudo said it best. Try another Media “Good Quality” and your problem will probably go away. :iagree: