Problems with NEC 2500A

I’m having all types of read problems with my 2500a. I’ve tried different media, different firmware (including the original firmware), etc. I’m getting read errors in DVDInfoPro, bad curves in Nero DriveSpeed, and high PI/PO errors in Ky’s Probe. I’m sending mine back to Newegg for a replacement. Are there any other issues (using nero that may cause these types of problems? I have the 2500a as the secondary master, with a lite-on DVD-Rom as the secondard slave. I’ve tried at least 5 different type of media, some including the Maxell -4X manufactured in Japan and get bad restults every time. Also I can’t format a DVD+RW in DVDInfoPro. I get background errors and the program stops.

Please offer any suggestions; I’m hoping I just have a burner with a manufacturing defect.

Thanks for any help!!!

This drive is a picky reader - but not as bad as you describes. Hopefully it’s only defective and a new drive should work ok.