Problems with NEC-1100A and disc recognition

i have NEC DVD+RW ND1100A
and have been trying to burn movies using nero 6 ultra and imgburn
but in both cases right when the burning is about to start a message comes up saying insert blank dvd or drive not ready (when it already coontains a blank disc)
when i press disc info
it says no disc inserted
i have tried verbatim dvd-rw
and memorex dvd-r
i can’t understand why the dvd writer drive won’t recognise blank dvd’s

Your NEC-1100A is a +R/+RW format writer, and will not work with -R/-RW discs. You’ll have to get some of the right kind.

The trouble will be finding any +R/RW media now that it will recognise. Forget 16x media completely , maybe some 8x will be recognised but if you can find any old stock 4x then you might have more success. 2.4x +RW media if you can find any should be fine.

It is possible to cross flash this to a 1300A which burn -R media but this is only likely to be of limited success.

True. Cross-flashing 1100A -> 1300A didn’t work for me.

Time to push this 1100 into the vitrine of memories.