Problems with ND2500A and Nero at 8X


I just got an NEC ND2500A today, installed with no problem, but Nero only recognizes a maximum of 4X. I bought 8X DVD-R’s (Memorex), and the ND2500 is supposed to be able to burn at 8X. I upgraded the firmware to 1.07, but it didn’t help…Nero only gives me the option for 4x. Is this a problem with Nero, the drive, the firmware, or my media? Any suggestions?
Admittedly, I haven’t tried actually burning the dvd-r yet, but I’m assuming that if it says 4X, it’s not going to burn at 8x.


The media is not yet supported in official firmware because it is so new.
Most drives don’t support that media yet.
Herrie has added 8X support for that media in his patched firmwares.
Give his 107v2b4 firmware a try if you’re comfortable loading a hacked firmware. :wink: