Problems with ND-3500AG



I have been having problems with discs burned with my NEC ND-3500AG, and having them read in my xbox/ps2. I was wondering if anyone here has this burner and successfully makes discs that are read in their ps2 or xbox, and if so what firmware do you use? I have an older hp burner in my old computer and the same files/discs/speeds/burning software are all used and are read fine in my systems. So if anyone can help me out that would be great.

BTW: media i current use are memorex dvd+r printable 4x (RICOHJPNR01)



youll need to change the booktype on your +Rs to dvd-rom. read here


IIRC, the xbox/ps2 like DVD-R better, or at least you should look into booktype bitsetting.


well i changed the booktype settings like suggested, but still no go. I tried a couple burns at different speeds and it still didnt work.

I dont have any dvd-r with me right now, but i dont think the media is the problem because i can burn the discs on my old burner and they work fine. Also my xbox drive is replaced with a modified pc drive so it can read all discs at a faster rate.

any thoughts?



do burned discs with films on work ok in your ps2 and xbox? or is it just games.


DVD movies play (for a while) in my ps2, with skipping about every 10 min. Its the same with games in my ps2, they only work for so long then they hang up on a loading screen.

As for my xbox, it wont read any disc that comes out of my burner: data, music, game, or movie.