Problems with my TS-L532M

I’ve a HP Pavilion zd8290 (zd8200 series) with a TS-L532M DVD+/-RW Lightscribe burner.

The computer is quite new (3 months) and I have the lastest drivers installed in my computer.

I am trying to burn DVDs to a Philips DVD-R media but I am always having erros, last time I tryed to burn 6 DVDs and I need to try it 9 times, so I need to use 9 medias to write on 6.

I am using Nero 7 and I usually check to verify data after burning and it has some problems reading some sectors. The last time I’ve burned the test was ok, but when I insert the DVD on the drive to read, it says that windows do not recognize the disc format and nero tell me that there is no media on the drive. I usually try to burn in a medium speed. (4x)

Can anyone help me ?


Either the burner has a bad (not new) firmware, your PSU is too weak or the media is not of the quality it should have.