Problems with my pioneer dv-109

Hi, i’m new here, i expect this may have been discussed before, if so bear with me.
I bought a dv-109 oem about a year ago, due to a lot of sh*t going on in my life it has only just been installed as my pc is desperate for a spring clean and i need to back some stuff up. The dv-109 is set as slave to a aopen dvd-rom 16x, i’m using nero express 5.5 and windows xp home, sony blank 8x dvd-r discs and the dv-109 has the latest firmware. the problem i am experiencing is that the dv-109 seems to read ok but on burning the burn process fails, and the disc shows that there is nothing on it and i assume ruined? If i put the disc in my aopen rom it just spins up for ages making a clicking noise and finally stops, i’m getting fed up of trying different things as i have ruined about 10 discs so i need some expert advice. i did google the other day and found a thread with a list of things to try to get a dv-109 to work but i accidentally closed it and now cannot find it, typical! Any help appreciated, cheers.

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Pioneer burners sometimes work better as the Master and really need to be on a 80wire IDE cable.

When the burn fails in Nero you get the option to save a log. Do this & then post it back here. This’ll give us a lot of useful info.

Nero 5.5 is obsolete and outdated…

Also the 109 has to run in UDMA4 mode to work properly.

Thanks for the replies, chef i still use nero 5.5 because i don’t burn a lot of stuff and it’s always worked ok for me, can you recommend a better freeware replacement? also what is UDMA4? not up to speed these days with computer stuff, also TimC will have a burn this weekend (working really long shifts untill then) and get a log, cheers.

An alternative , free option would be CDBurnerXP Pro and for Audio CDs I’d use Burrrn.

UDMA 4 is Ultra DMA mode 4 and you check the DMA (Direct Memory Addressing) mode by having a read of this thread .

Hi, Sorry to take so long getting back but have spent all weekend sorting out a CTD prob, now thats sorted i have set up my dv-109 to master and my aopen dvd rom to slave, i have akasa braided ide cables, these should be ok? ok i tried another burn and it failed so i saved the log, how do i transfer it to this reply, i’ve done it before with my dxdiag for the il-2 forums but i cannot remember how to do it! call it old age! cheers.

I guess that you can just copy & past it.Never actually done it myself.

When you do it “Go Advanced” & once it’s pasted select the log text & click on “#”. That’ll create a scrollable window with the text inside.

My log file is 133.1 kb and the upload limit is 97.7 kb, so it’s too big! any ideas anyone ??

Zip it down & then use the Manage Attachments option & attach it as a winzip file. That should work.

Cheers TimC, here we go hopefully! cheers. (9.25 KB)

Try with cdburnerxp or Imgburn.

I’ve eventually gotten around to looking at this log file.

Never seen one like it before.

I think trying a different burning application as both chef & I have suggested has to be the first step. It could be that Nero has got itself in a knot and another application will work.

Hi, uninstalled nero, cleared out registry as well, installed cdburnerxp pro3, defragged etc, decided to burn some windows media video files, started writing got an error box titled: CdBurnerXP Pro3 - Critical, with the following info:
Writing Error:(3) Error occured writing data to disc, Drive could not position media (1017)
Error Sense Data:SENSE KEY:3ASC:15 ASCQ:2.
Read on cdburner website that it has faults reading video files which will be addressed in a later patch?, is this relevant to my problems? also experiences problems with dvd-r discs? which i am using. To be honest it is getting to the point of cutting my losses with this dv 109 rw as i’m trashing so many dvd-r discs trying to sort this problem out, shame as it’s a brand new drive, any advice on this lot appreciated, cheers.

The 109 is not a new drive as it was probably on sale about 2 years ago & long since superceded by the 110 & 111.

Looking at the Pioneer website the last firmware update is dated August 2005 - 18 months ago.

I’d check the manufacturing date on it.

Sounds like an hardware defect.
I’d buy a new burner.

Hi, Thanks for your continued interest in my problem! Thought i might as well try another ide cable to eliminate that, or is it a waste of time? if i do replace the drive is their any drives (pref cheap as i dont do a lot of burning and i’m skint) you guys could recommend that will work out of the box! + must come with black bezel, cheers.
P.S Cheers for the CdBurnerXP recommendation, looks like a nice little program, also what does ‘joliet’ mean on the burn page?

Joliet is an Filesystem extension of ISO9660.

I would connect and test the drive in another computer to be sure if it is defective or not.

Hello again, right before i replace this 109 drive this is the error i am getting now:
This is in a ’ CD Burner XP Pro3 - Critical’ box:
Writing Error:(3)
Error closing DVD + R Session/Border
The drive is not ready (1002)
Error Sense Data: SENSE KEY:2 ASC:4ASCQ:7
So if you still think the drive is goosed can you advise me of the best of the following as a replacement, all less than £20 inc vat!

  1. LiteOn/Benq OEM DVD8900 16xDVDRW/RAM,
  2. NEC AD-5170A-OB 18x DL DVD + -
  3. SONY AW-G17OAB2 18x DVDRW,
    As i stated before i dont do a great deal of burning, just need a steady DVDRW! Cheers.

The error sounds like hardware issued…

Drives 2 and 3 are the same hardware, maybe I would choose 2.