Problems with my Nu Tech ddw082 drive

I bought this drive in May at It has been working great and I was very happy with that purchase. Now though I am having too many prblems with it. First it would freeze up during dvd burning but I fixed that with the lates firmware. Now though It wont read any CDRoms. I tried it with all my games and none of them would work and it ould freeze up my computer. The thing is that it does work reading DVD and CD-R’s. Any thoughts from you guys as to what would be the problem and hox can I possibly fix it. I have a an extra ribbon cable should I try to switch them out?


Details are scarce, but it soulds like a software/driver issue. How about providing a list of all burning-related software and also your IDE drivers?

I have the latest Nero and Alcohol 120% whichj I dont even remember installing. Should I unistall that? Oh and about the IDE drivers, How do I figure them out? I have windows XP Pro and its a Compaq.

Try to swith to the other cable you have free in your computer

Well I uninstalled Alcohol 120 and some Windows HigMat thing and I swithced the cable and now it seems to work fine. Maybe it was the cable since it was a few inches too long and i had to twist itt.

Nevermind the problem is still occuring. It loads the cd fine but very slow and it makes this wierd click noise from dvdrw.

That sound like a hardware problem, is your dvd burner working fine wint dvd’s?

yeah it play the dvd’s fine but the quality of them seem a little down whenever there is alot of movemnet. Theres alot of little horizontal lines.

anyone else? I been looking and searching thorugh and I still cant find a solution as to what is wrong with it.

nu drives are very bad i threw mine in the trash bin…if you can rma it i would.

Yeah im going to have to rma that sucker. Damn I should have gone with NEC :frowning:

I had my ddw082 for 2 years now and I have not had ONE single coaster with it, I probably burned 150-200 DVD’s on it so far.

Have you tries to clean the drive inside? they do get dirty.