Problems with my new Philips DVP5982 DVD Player

I have just bought this Philips DVP5982 DVD Player from the Costco Store. Although it’s a much better player than anything I have ever had, I still have the following problems. I am sure someone who has more experience with newer players will be able to help me.

  1. Since my LCD TV only allows 720p and 1080i resolution, I can’t decide which one to choose. Can anyone tell me which setting is supposed to the best setting?

  2. When HDMI cable is used, the closed caption function seems to be disabled. I really need the closed caption on screen since English is still a difficult language for me. Can anyone help me on this?

  3. Do I need to finalize the CD-R disc when burning the upgrade firmware? I hope I don’t have to finalize the disc so I can use it again and again for my future upgrades.

    Thank you very much in advance.

  1. Depends on the source.

  2. Check the manual.

  3. What does a CD cost these days???

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@lukehu: If you value your machine, do NOT be tempted to use multisession CD for firmware upgrades.

Very good advice. :iagree:

I’ve heard 720p is better for fast moving subjects,
such as sports or action movies, but I cannot say
for sure. As suggested above, check the manual.

Thanks to Chuck44 and everyone else for the advices. I’ve decided to set it on 720p for now.

I picked up one of these today and i must say it will play anything so far except for .WMV files. I really like the USB part on it :smiley:

Chuck44 will this thing do any tricks outside the box? :rolleyes: :slight_smile:

Hi rolling56 :slight_smile:
I don’t have a clue - I’ve never seen one. :bigsmile:

If you need a player that will play anything but WMV files this is it. No need for conversion apps with this thing. It even plays PAL.

Maybe everyone but me had one :o and i’m the last to get one :eek: :doh:

Wrote this review on VideoHelp last nite:

I was looking at replacing a Pioneer that stop playing DVD9’s and decided to pick up the 5892. My DVP 5140, despite some minor annoyances, had played pretty much everything and is still going strong. I was most interested in the USB connector on the 5892.

The first thing I notice when installing was the Digital Audio port only came in the coax flavor. This was my fault for not checking but I was annoyed a bit. What happened next really disturbed me, I power up the unit with the included remote to discover THE 5892 USES THE EXACT SAME REMOTE AS MY 5140! The only difference between the two is the Mute button on the 5140 replaced with the USB button. Clicking the power button on my 5892 remote and watching my 5140 also startup had me a bit livid. It was not a deal breaker as I planned on moving the 5140 out with a disc changer but I am still scratching my head as to why Phillips could be so stupid.

Checked some DVD’s with both 5.1 & DTS and everything played fine. I then tested some DIVX files on some DVD+RW discs without playback problems. Picture and sound appeared fine.

My old 5140 had a problem where if you paused something the screen saver would turn on after a few minutes and within 20 min.'s the unit would shutdown. /sarcasm on "Glad to know the 5892 has this nifty feature! "/sarcasm off. Maybe there is something I am doing but both players seem to ignore the Sleep settings. This of course is a problem considering that once the unit goes into standby it won’t remember jack when it restarts.

At this point I was eager to test the USB. If this worked as I hoped then everything above would be just minor annoyances. I had a 60 GB HD in a NexStar case that I decided would be a good test. I partitioned and formatted the drive to FAT32 using SwissKnife V3.22, Copied over MP3, DIVX and a VOB test files. I checked XP’s Mange Disks to verify it was FAT32 and I checked the Event View to make sure no strange errors popped up during format and copying. Everything was golden. The 5892 saw the drive immediately, I was very thankful to say the least. Played some MP3’s without any issues. Moved to my Divx test and everything appeared to work great except for .5 second pause every few minutes. While this did not create sync problems it was a noticeable stutter. The same files played perfectly fine when played on DVD+RW. The VOB test was worse but I was expecting those test results. As mentioned in other comments this is most likely the USB speed. This to me is the deal breaker.

I was hoping that a firmware upgrade might clear some issues but my player out of the box is and as of this writing that is current. Going to give it a day or so before I return it and get the cash back so maybe something will change. I will gladly update this review if something does change.

Sorry for the long post, hopefully someone finds at least some of it useful. Last FYI, looking at the very nice user manual I noticed that they clearly state; “A total of 300 folders and maximum of 648 titles can be supported”. Maybe that is the limitation of FAT32 but I thought this should be made clear to anyone looking at purchasing this unit.

Thanks for the info. I doubt if i hook a USB hard drive to it but it does work fine with thumb and pocket drive. No S-Video out :frowning:

I bought this drive as a novelty. I have no intentions of using it for my HT player :disagree:

I just thought I would throw in my experience with the RCA DRC285 DVD player since it has almost the same feature set as the Philips DVP5982 and retails for $58 at Sears, K-Mart etc. It has worked very well and will play WMV files. The USB port has worked well with no hesitations (up to 3k data rate) even with a USB flash drive. The two main gripes I have with it is one, the USB port won’t power a 2.5" drive through the cable (most of the cheap USB DVD players won’t either) and, two, it doesn’t have any controls for contrast, brightness, hue etc. in the player’s settings. It also has a MediaTek MT1389DXE chipset. It might be a less expensive alternative to the Philips, and other, DVD players with USB capabiltiy. If it lasts then I would give it a pretty good bang-for-the-bucket ratio.

I didn’t mean to take the thread off-topic but thought this might be useful information for those that are considering an inexpensive DVD player with USB capability.

OK, some revisions (aside from my backward model number in the other post) and I hope you don’t mind more detail as I hope this will help someone down the road.

I have fixed the consistent stuttering that I describe in my other post. It was the drive I had mounted in that NexStar NST-350UF. The 60 GB WD just couldn’t keep up, which was discovered when I formatted and installed my 200 GB Maxtor hooked into an NSpire USB Enclosure. The playback stutters were fixed only to be replaced with faint rolling bars. I was so happy the stutters were gone that I thought, “hey, I might live with that, it’s better then stutters!”. I changed my mind after watching a video for 1/2 hour and started swapping USB cables. I thought there might be some interference with the Nspire cable. I tried 1/2 dozen different cables with no luck. It was funny, even with the drive off the bars continued. If I pulled out the USB cable the bars vanished. It turned out that it was the actual Nspire enclosure that was creating the interference which caused these rolling bars. Swapping the 200 GB into the NexStar solved the problem.

Minor problems remaining:

  1. In several different tests it appears at about 10 seconds left of playing a file the 5982 has a slight stutter. I have not totally confirmed this but it might be the 5982 jumping ahead to access the next file. If this holds true I can live with it as oppose to a stutter occurring every 2 or 3 minutes.
  2. Getting some very minor artifacts during playback. I watched an hour long vid and experienced this maybe 1/2 dozen times, almost unnoticeable. I tried rewinding to replay but they disappear. I checked the original vid on my PC with VLC but could not duplicate either. It’s way to early to tell if this will be an ongoing issue. Tomorrow I planed on burning the vid to disc and see if I can duplicate some of these artifacts during a disc play. It is probably just that particular file.

Quick notes on the 5982:
3. The 5982 does have a disc eject, hold down the Stop button.
4. USB drives need FAT 16 or 32 and the drive you plan to hook up must have the drives partition set to Primary. I accidentally set one to Logical and the 5982 gave me the dreaded “Drive Not Supported”.
5. Fast HD to avoid stutters and keep an eye on the enclosure.
6. Your dealing with FAT 16 or 32 so remember short filenames and be aware the 5982 will screw up the sorting. I found this little gem to help.
7. Also found this very informative site:

Good luck!

Oh, UTR I actually had my eye on the RCA DRC290 when considering the 5982.

I bought a DRC290 before I bought the DRC285. The DRC290 has been a very pleasant surprise which is why I bought the DRC285. IMO, it has a better picture quality for some reason than the DRC285 even though they appear to have the same chipset. Considering I paid $78 for the DRC290 at Walmart I have been very surprised at the quality of playback for DVDs, AVIs and MP3 files. The design of the five disk changer is somewhat unique but it does works very well. I do wonder about the durability of both players although I think this is a problem with most low end players. Overall, it seems like even the low end players are delivering some pretty impressive performance nowadays.

yeah my Philips DVP5982 does look pretty good with my HDTV when playing avi’s mpegs etc and that’s why i bought it…i was very impressed but it’s not my main player for my HT.

My Philips DVP5982 retail box is all in Spanish :iagree: :bigsmile: not a word of English on it :eek:

LOL, bought mine at BestBuy and it was the same way.

UTR, I think in a week or two I am going to try that RCA changer. My Pioneer 5 Disc died a while back and have not really found any changers that I liked. The DIVX on a changer sounds killer!

One of the reasons I decided against it was people reporting they could not get DTS working. The box claimed DTS was supported and I looked at the manual and it has the optical hookup.

The RCA DRC290 will not play DTS audio and won’t pass it through to the receiver with coaxial or optical connections. It is about the only gripe I have with the player so far. Most of the lower end players don’t support DivX and DTS for some reason. I have a Panasonic DVD recorder hooked up too that will play DTS soundtracks if I needed. So far this hasn’t been an issue as most movies don’t provide DTS soundtracks anyway.

The Dolby Digital sounds very good from the DRC290 as does music in general. It also supports DivX (.avi) files encoded with Dolby Digital sound tracks. I have been converting my DVDs to DivX files (1.3 gig size) with Dolby Digital and they look and sound great. I have LOTR and the Matrix trilogies on one DVD each which is very convenient.

Having a five disc changer that plays AVI, WMV etc. is addictive. I can put anywhere from 3-6 movies on a single DVD so at any time I can access up to thirty movies without getting off the couch. The RCA DRC285 has a USB port so theoretically I could have hundreds of gigs of movies and music available. The downside is that the file system for most of these players is limited to the first eight characters of the file name. It might be hard to browse through a large number of files, especially MP3s.

I have 2 questions.Sorry I am a little new at this

  1. What usb cable do you use to connect your USB Hard drive? they are both males is there a special cable to buy?
    2.When I first start up my 5982 it says my display is none HDCP compliant.I checked with samsung and it is HDCP complaint. Model#lns4041d LCD.Would it let you pick 720p if it wasn’t HDCP compliant.I am confused because it lets me pick 720p but I get the stupid message only when I turn it on??

I use the cables that came with my HDD enclosure. I tested a number of cables and found no issues with the various cables. The two things that mattered the most for me were enclosure and HD speed.

I can’t help you with the second problem, sorry.