Problems with my new BenQ 1650

Hi all,

I just bought a brand new BenQ 1650 and an external usb enclosure. I put the drive in the enclosure connected the power and data cables with the jumper on master and connected it with my laptop. It was recognized and all, but when i attempt to burn (or even read) a cd/dvd, it takes a long time to open it and sometimes even freezes… I was wondering if this is a problem with the enclosure or the drive. I don’t have a desktop so i can’t try it on that. I would like to know if the drive is faulty before i return it. Any help would be appreciated.


While you wait for the external enclosure experts
to reply, you might give a little more info, such as
system info, drive fw version and which enclosure
and chipset, etc.

I have to check the chipset on the enclosure when i get home. I’m running windows xp, the firmware it came with if BCFC, the enclosure is Macally PHC-500B. Another thing, if i manage to test it and it works on a desktop, what enclosure will work with it?


@sumew - thought i recognised your problem from another forum. still think you should have the enclosure swapped for another and go from there

Also, there is a similar thread here you might check out,
plus numerous others you might Search for. :slight_smile:

Hi Creaky, could you please post a link to that thread on the other forum or explain something more? I have found here a Macally, same model of sumew, and planning use it with 1650 writer… Would like to know something more about known problems…
I could still go for a pioneer 111d if they are simplier to use with enclosures, but I am worried about scannings, I still havent understood how important is to have a good scanning writer as benq is and pioneer isnot. If only I could find out that scannings are not importants (at list using pioneer 111d) I would go for that IF less enclosure problems…

@Sir Joe - have just done a search but can’t find anything, sorry, i should have provided a link at the time

Mmm, mumble mumble…
And do you remember which forum, or what where thay saying about macally? :doh:

Hi Sumew, any news about the chip of that enclosure? :smiley:

I have a bytecc external and have put my 1620, 1650, and 1655 all in in at one time or another and all work fine.

Yes, I am waiting an answer for a enclosure bytess. I see a already prepared enclosure with a drive, I asked if he has got just the enclosure… :wink: Thanks!