Problems with my ltr-52327s

I dont know what happened but suddenly my cd-writer doesnt want to read anything but a verbatim datalifeplus cd-rw. When I put a blank cd, the light flash and suddenly nothing. When I put a burned cd, same thing. The only cd it can read now is a cd-rw verbatim datalifeplus. Somebody had an idea what happened because 2 weeks ago, everything was fine. I have the burner since december 2003.

is there anything new you have done 2 weeks ago?. ie have you installed any new hardware. or installed any new software…or updated any drivers etc…its really simple detective work…also have you tried a cd lens cleaner?
you need to give a more detailed question to get a more detailed answer.
it works now it doesnt isnt going to get you a very good answer lol

I cannot say much more. No, I didnt put any new hardware. About software, I didnt install anything related to cd-drive. I always used Nero for burning. Maybe I would need something to cleans to lens. Do you have some suggestion about this ? If it doesnt work, then I will conclude my cd-drive is finish because it can read only one cd-rw I have. The others, blank or already burned are not read anymore by this drive, but have no problem to made them read by a dvd-drive

the lens cleaner is just a cd that you buy with a little brush…it kinda looks like a cd with an eyelash stuck to it…they are very cheap and if it doesnt work then you havent lost anything. probably about the price of a cdrw.
and the instaled software doesnt have to be anything to do with the drive…it could be anything…ie service pack 2 or an auto update or mobo drivers etc…every little bit of info helps

One thing is sure… I put back an old backup when I installed windows XP like 8 months ago and my cd-drive still have the same behavior. I hope it is just a cleansing problem. If not well I will have to buy a new cd-drive.

you may want to try getting rid of any third party ide drivers (via or nforce etc) and revert back to microsoft ones…a classic symptom of those is what you are experiencing…the ability to read certain types of disks and not others…
these are in your device manager under ide/atpi controlers