Problems with my HP8200e



Been having problems with my HP8200e lately…
always used Nero and cloneCD, but they just wont work now!
Only the crappy adaptec software that came with my writer will work now! (so I dont have to expect any support from HP)
these are the errors i’ve been getting:
Nero: Invalid field in CDB
CloneCD: Medium error: Write error - Loss of streaming
I hope someone knows what to do!


what version of nero and clone cd are you using? im using nero 4091 and clonecd 2025 and they work great…
the 8200 hp wasnt supported until like version 4075 or so of nero and 1024 of clonecd…


got Nero to work by installing an OLDER (yup, found that one whack 2!) version…
now running version
still no luck with cloneCD though…


wrecked a few CDs in Nero already… not working like I hoped it did…