Problems with my HP DVD 1040

Hello, everybody,

I’m a noob here, and i have a problem: i lost my installation cd for my HP DVD 1040 and now i joined this forum for 2 reasons:

1- to throw a hail Mary and ask if anyone here has the installation driver for my Lightscribe HP DVD1040 ?

2- to find out to which kind of Lite On could i crossflash my 1040 to (is LH-20A1H the only possible option ?!?! will it work for sure ?!?!)

any help would be gladly appreciated

(also if let’s say i have an old HP COMPAQ PRESARIO Laptop that doesn’t work anymore…keeps shutting down for each time i try to recover, reformat it or re-install windows on it either because of overheating or the fan is not spinning normally and quietly… is there a way to run in ms dos flash utility or something so i could burn dvds ?!? )

Welcome to the forums justabeaver.

With any modern operating system, you do not need to install drivers for optical drives. The drivers for this type of device are included within the operating system itself.

As far as the crossflash, I can’t help. I’m definitely not a Lite-on user. Someone else will probably chip in on this question though.

And your last bit…I’m not sure how you can do anything to the laptop if the thermal overide is kicking in. You’ll have to repair the fan/overheating problem first.

Are you simply trying to make use of the lightscribe capabilities of the drive?

There is a universal LS software package that will most likely give you access to that. You can then use one of the labeling softwares to make use of it.