Problems with my HDD

OK so i have an acer aspire netbook that has no OS (i wiped the drive. DOD method). Now I’m having problems installing a new OS. When i try to install windows, the installation wizard will go as far as choosing the drive then wont let me. When i try to install ubuntu (using USB drive, no disc drive) something goes wrong because i cant boot it with out having that thumb drive plugged in. I keep making sure I’m choosing the right drive during installation. Can any body give me some theories on what might be happening? I’m thinking i need to reformat the drive. But the installation wizard for windows wont do it. Is there a program i can run from my thumb drive.

Hi h3nn

You can re format your HDD using Parted Magic, you can put it on FAT32 and try to install your OS again.
Also most laptops have a hidden partition that will restore your OS, you can take a look on the acer website to see what combination on keys will allow you to do that.

Some more info on the model and the specs of your netbook will very useful to someone that want to help you.

Yes, we need more information on your Acer Model. Netbooks are limited since they don’t have CD/DVD Drives. Like Vroom said, you should have a Recovery Partition, and maybe that’s where you are having trouble with the Wizard. Normally with a CD/DVD Drive, you can Boot up with the Windows Disc and in the steps to load Windows there is a Format step. With a Netbook you need a Boot up Windows USB, and I don’t know if there is an option like this. :cool:

Seems that you destroyed the recovery partion by incident…

Check the ACER site or their ftp server to obtain an valid installation.