Problems with my Generic DVDRW 12X Max firmware settings

I was wondering if there existed a patch anywhere for this DVDRW drive. I updated the firmware a few days ago to 120I and I’ve just recently got into the process of burning DVD-ROMS but as it seems now, whenever I try to change the bitsetting it is no longer supported by the firmware (or at least that’s what it tells me). I bought this drive from Staples back in January but I can’t remember what brand it was for the life of me. The only information provded to me by the infotools are these:

Type: DVD±R/RW Recorder

Firmware Version: 120I

Date: 04/06/24

Serial Number: ?

In short, all I want to be able to do is burn my DVD+R discs under a DVD-ROM bitsetting so I can be able to watch my dvd’s etc. I’ve exhausted my search capabilities and I’ve looked everywhere for answers to this but it seems as if the bitsettings changed only exist for a few manufacturer’s drives. Is there any way around this? Are there any patches I can use to remove this setback? Thanks for the help…

OK, so I JUST remember that I purchased a Pacific Digital drive from Staples:

so is there any way? Anyone?

If your software combined with your drive don’t support bit setting. It’s easy buy and use DVD-R media only.

Is it an Optorite DD1205 maybe??

YES it is a DD1205

I tried to flash but it doesn’t support the drive supposedly. It may be that I already have a 120I but isn’t that FW youu linked a hacked version of that official relase?

ok, took the drive out of the atx and it says dd1203…now, this is very strange because I somehow updated the FW with the dd1205 120I update. Now what can I do? This is all becoming very, very strange.

On the TDB site you can find the RPC-1 version of this firmware.