Problems with my GeForce 6800



Hi Folks,

i have a really sucking problem with my nVidia Geforce 6800 Gfx Card.
The System is very slowly and playing Games are not possible. Even the mouse hangs up. My CPU (P4 3,6 HT) is at 10% with no Programms running ???!!!

I have tried several Drivers and have done a new Installation of the hole system, but no changes.

With the Onboard VideoCard there is no problem. All works fine and the CPU is still at 0% at Taskmanager.

Can somebody help me or is the Card defect ?

thx and cya

Sorry for my bad english. i´m from Germany lol


CPU of 10% should not have any effect on playing games. I have a P4 3.2ghz, and leave all kinds of stuff running, and I don’t have any problems with game play. I suggest you download the most current NVIDIA drives for you card and see if that helps.


What brand of Power Supply are you using…and what’s its rating?


I´ve tried several and the newest. Still the same problem. I agree with you, 10% of CPU shouldn´t have affect on playing Games, but why has the VideoOnboard Card 0-1% CPU Usage with the same Programms running and the GeForce 10% ? Before this Games like Counterstrike or Call of Duty playes fine, but now the System is slow and burning a Data DVD takes around 40 to 60 Mins @ 4x Burning Speed.
Even the Windows Welcome Sound didn´t play nice at all.
With the OnBoard Gfx there is really no problem.

It´s an 350 Watt from Levicom (Blackline).


Not enough for a 6800 video card…they suck a lot of power…if it continues to work incorrectly, i’d suggest a good quality PSU (450-500w) from a brand like enermax, antec or ocz. :slight_smile:

Basically, you don’t have enough power to run all the components in your system when you install that card…that’s most likely why even the sound is not working.


maybe you´re right. but why has the system been ok for the first 3 month ?! there was no problem with the system.
Let me tell it so: On Monday there was erverything ok on Tuesday not ?!

actually there are only the hard disk, the geforce and a dvd reader installed. so, i think the power supply should be ok for the system, because 3 month without problems. Could it be a memory defect on the Gfx Card ?
maybe i´m wrong ?!

Give it a chance to view the voltage and so on of the power supply ? so i can see if the Voltage is going down.
It´s only a Geforce 6800… not Ultra or GT without external power connection.


you will have to get a better power supply like cd 1986 said they need it


Ok, but why has the system no problem for a few month ? Is the Power Supply defect ? Any way to test it ?


Id look at power supply, then things running in the back ground. ie: sypware and all that garbage…
If youre changing drivers a great deal are you running a driver cleaner inbetween or just going over them? If so that too can be a major problem.

with all the stuff youre running 2 sata drives, a 3.6 P4 those suck down some serious juice… Id get at a min a 500watt and pay attention to the amperage on the 12v line… make sure its lets see either around 24 or 26amps

I went from a barely doing the job 350 watt to a 500 watt and the difference was amazing


I’d agree…a good power supply makes all the difference…you should definitely consider upgrading…maybe an OCZ PowerStream 520w (has adjustable rails) if you can stretch that far.

(Actually i should probably take my own advice - 17 Amps @ 11.65v on the 12v rail just doesn’t cut it. :()


Power in (Watt): 600
Standard: ATX 2,0
Stromleitungen: 7x 5.25" + 2x 3.5" + 2x S-ATA + 1x 20pol Mainboard + 1x 4pol. Mainboard, 1x 6pol PCIe
Anschluss: 20/24POL
DC Output +3.3VDC (A): 34
DC Output +5VDC (A): 34
DC Output +5Vsb (A): 2.5
DC Output +12VDC (A): 35

Here in the Stores for 84,90 €

Maybe this Power Supply could solve the problem ?
But i don´t understand, why the system has running fine with this Geforce and now there are the Problems ?!
Don´t you think the Geforce could be defect ?

THANKS for your help guys.



Problem solved…

The Geforce was defect.

Thanks for help Guys.