Problems with my external NEC 3500AG

I have a Lacie DVD DL RW external drive (NEC 3500AG flashed) and I’m having problems using Nero with it.
Nero came bundeled with an external Sony DVD RW drive and works great with that drive. If I switch the SONY with the NEC, then NERO dose not recognize it as DVD burner but rather as a CD burner.
I can use the NEC drive with no problems with DVD decrypter or to play DVDs.
Not sure what is the problem with NERO and the NEC drive.
Any help is appreciated

Most likely, and I’ve seen Nero bundled like this, is that version of Nero you have installed has only the appropriate drivers for that Sony dvd-burner on your computer. My suggestion would be to look around on the web and find a place that has the Nero OEM or Retail suite for dirt cheap and buy that. Then you can use Nero for any DVD Burner you wish.

Thanks Braxas.
Well this sucks. Is there any way to find the nero drivers for the NEC drive rather than to buy the whole thing again?

for software issues try the software forum… maybe even the nero forum

It 100% Correct !!!
The NERO that Sony uses is modified only to work with Sony DVD Drives…

Yes, beach-hobo is correct. OEM Nero software looks at the drive’s ID for the make of the drive. If it doesn’t match, it will only allow the drive to be used as a CD. People have the same problem when they flash their Sony drives to Liteon firmware. That’s why we have the Sony ID versions of the Liteon firmware. :wink:

Thanks guys. Yes, unfortunatly this is what I found. Part of the reason that I got the Sony DVD recorder is that it came with the “AWARD WINNING NERO” software…