Problems with my DVR-310



I think I’ve had this recorder for at least 3 years, and it’s always done what I wanted it to do. Until now. :frowning: It’s started making coasters, and I’m not sure why, so I’m hoping someone here can help me figure out if I need a new one or not?

It still reads DVD-RW’s without any problems - even gives me a menu. Same thing with commercial DVD’s. But not regular DVD-R’s. It appears to be recording, and will even act like it’s finalizing them but then it says “can’t complete this disk” and then opens the DVD door. When I try to load the DVD again, it just keeps kicking the door open.

I called Pioneer’s support… I was on hold about 10 minutes, then the tech told me to write down the service center’s address. $70 just to evaluate the problem, he said. Boo that, I’m not paying that much for an old recorder’s repair, and I’m sure he knew that. I asked him if by any chance it was the 16x disks I was trying to use but he said it should’ve taken them without any problems. Then I read somewhere that it could be condensation on the lens… the recommended cure is to shut the recorder off for a while? Didn’t work. So, I’m hoping someone here can help me figure this out? Has anyone had something similar happen to theirs?


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It could well be the DVD media you’re using as there is some crap about.

What brand have you got & did the problem start when you bought a new batch?


I’ve been using Memorex for a long time, and had just bought a new 25 spindle pack - the first 3 or 4 burned ok, but none since. So a couple of days ago I tried using Phillips DVD-R’s, but still no go. I’m not sure if it’s worth trying to clean the lens on my own?

Thanks for the reply and the good question.


You need to try some decent media like Verbatim. Memorex can be absolute garbage & I’m not sure that Philips media could be classified as decent.

If Verbatim fails then the problem would seem to clearly be with the DVR’s burner. Using a lens cleaner may help. Perhaps this is the first thing to try.


Thanks for the idea. I found a good deal on another recorder, so I guess this one will just be used to read commercial disks, until it dies completely.


Just spoke with Pioneer about my DVR-310s They say there have been many problems with Memorex. I bought a pack of DVD-R 16x recorded a show but now the player keeps ejecting the disc. The Memorex 50pk warns that some DVR’s may need a firmware upgrade to recognize there disc. Pioneer says there are NO FIRMWARE upgrades for the DVR-310 They recommend TDK and Maxell for the DVR-310


I’d recommend Verbatim as they burn well with Pioneer burners.

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sugar_ray: That’s what mine was doing too. I bought a JVC which records well (however I think the menu is awkward), so I haven’t tried the Pioneer again since my last post here. I’ll have to get the brands both you and TimC recommend and give that a try. Thanks to you both. :slight_smile:


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