Problems with my DVDRW IDE 1008

I’m having problems with my DVD burner, every time I try to burn an audio CD, it burns it but the audio has a static sound on some tracks. And I try burning a movie same thing, burn o.k. but skip on some parts of the movie! I try cleaning the lens with a DVD cleaner but that did not work! Can somebody tell me what can be the problem? I have a DVD-RW IDE 1008…… From Micro Advantage

To solve the static sound on the cd try burning the cd at a slower speed like 8x or 16x. I had a cd player once that had problems if the cd was burned at anything over 4x. If burning slower doesn’t fix the problem, maybe you bought some cheap media. Go buy some higher quality cd media (FujiFilm or Sony).

Now, why is the movie skipping? Well, that can be caused by multiple issues. One is that you are using poor quality media. Two is that the drive did not “burn” the disk good or three your player doesn’t play recordable media.

So, what media are you using? Use DVD Identifier to find out. Use the “clipboard” icon to get the information and reply back.

Are you using the latest firmware? Install LiveUpdate and make sure you have the latest firmware. It’s possible, but unlikely, that your drive does not support the media you have.

Does your player support playing recordable media? If you don’t know, go here and see if others have had problems. I have a player that only plays media that is burned at 4x. If I burn it at 8x the movie skips towards the end. So try burning at 4x and see if that helps.