Problems with my duplicator

OK so I finished my duplicator project quite a while ago, and today I finally managed to fit the last NEC 3500. Flashed it with the latest Liggy F/W and all seemed fine.

I obviously wanted to test the thing so I stuck 5 blank DVD’s in the writers, one of my films in the reader and selected a 4x burn on the fly.

Before I had never used Nero verify, but I decided to this time. The burn seemed to complete fine, but then the data verify check failed big time on “Rec 4” (Every second) and “Rec 0” (Only a few bad bits). In Nero I think 2 of my burners use the “Rec 0” and 2 “Rec 4”.

I tested all the DVD’s in my player. 4 of them seemed to be fine, but one would not read at all.

Now I cannot see why I am having these problems? Although I was thinking my setup may need changing

I have the 2 IDE ports on my motherboard, plus an extra 2 on a PCI controller card. 8 IDE devices can be hooked up in theory, I have the 5 writers, the reader and the hard drive.

Could this be causing the problems? The buffer levels were jumping up and down every few seconds in Nero, but surely this just means the data is transferred at a slower rate?

I am planning to buy 2 more PCI IDE controller cards, however it would be quite expensive if these did not help (Mind you, at the moment I can only seem to find ones that support hard drives only!)

P.S The writers are all NEC 3500 with the latest Liggy firmware. Was using RiDisc G04 discs.


Please note: The Nero 6 Ultra Edition retail package supports up to 4 recorders simultaneously not 5.

I just tried burning to 3 writers, and 2 burns had errors all over them during verification (Although all seem to load up on the DVD player)

What am I doing wrong? I’m beginning to think a standard duplicator would be easier! (Although I like PC as I can shrink retail DVD)