Problems with my D18A when burning DVDs

Hi, I’ve had my “Sony DVD RW DW-D18A VYS2” drive for a while now and recently the same DVDs I’ve been buying for a while have been starting to stick more and more. Bought some new ones (two different makes) to see if they made a difference and nothing. In fact the new makes of DVDs froze even more.

At a mate’s house I took a spindle of these new DVDs and burnt some movies there. Tried them on my DVD player and they only stuck about 3 times in each movie - nothing compared to my burner.

Please can anyone help and tell me what I need to do as I’m completely lost.

I’ve burnt about 75 DVDs so far and my machine is as follows:

1.73GHz AMD Athlon XP2100+
1024MB DDR 266 RAM
550W PSU
Windows XP Pro SP1

Is there a firmware update I can try and if so, where can I download it from? I’ve looked everywhere using Google and can’t seem to find anything I can make any sense of.

Was thinking of buying a new burner but what with finances being tight I’d rather not go down that route.