Problems with my CDRW

problem is that my DVD drive is like lightning reading the disks without any errors…

You did say that you flashed your 32125W up to a faster model, didn’t you? If so, you could try flashing it back to 32125W firmware from Lite-On’s web site. That might help, as the drive might not read well when its motor is having to work harder than it was meant to.


flashed it back. First i tried to test one of my baked cookies with CDspeed…got an ‘no additional sense information error’!! now what the h… is that supposed to be??? Then I tried it with another of my own CD’s. Got a fair graph starting at 18x and finishing at 40x at 72 minutes. Then it fell back sharply over the last 2 minutes. But the seek times were extremely long: 2500 msec. CPU usage for 2x was 100%, then dropped back to below 10% for the higher speeds. Combined with all my earlier effords this all does not make any sense.
Downloaded the Lite-on tool to check the drive but don’t know how I should use it. Now the only thing I can think of is going to my neighbour using his high pressure airhose to blow the dust out of the drive but am afraid that will damage it. Next week I’ll buy the 48 or 52 speed burner. Which one is the best??

Are you sure DMA is disabled? Could you try CDSpeed with a Pressed CD (like your Windows CD, for example)?

Just tried some other CD’s:

Blade Runner CD4: fair results from 18x up to 40x at 62 minutes, CAV, seek times from 100 up to 160 msec, CPU between 1 and 8%. Burstrate 21 Meg/sec. OK!!!

Kyrandia part III about the same.

However ‘the riddle of Master LU’ totally screwed up giving the ‘no additional sense information’ error again when spinning up. My DVD drive gave good results so obviously there is something with my CDRW.

Is this “The Riddle of Master LU” disc copy protected?

Originally posted by LiteOnGuy
Is this “The Riddle of Master LU” disc copy protected?

according to Clony it is not

If the disc isn’t scratched or otherwise damaged, it does seem that your drive is broken.

I read a story somewhere that it could be possible that dust is (partly) blocking the laser and that you can open the drive to remove it. Any clues? Further one of my collegues told me that it is posible that the angle of the laser could be shifted due to a shock or something and that this is causing all the trouble.
Anyway. Just got my salary so I will buy a new one. What is the difference between the 48 and 52 version except the speed??

speed is about the only difference, altho that can be rectified with a firmware flash. :wink:

I just installed the 48X and all my problems are solved.

I’m glad your new drive is working. :slight_smile: I’m sorry we couldn’t help you fix your old one, though.


Thanx alot. But I am still wondering what might be the cause. has it something to do with mechanical or electronical failure. I will open the drive to see what is wrong.

I opened the writer but could not see if anything was wrong. There was no dust or so, the laserhead is clean. So it must be something with the electronics. I installed a 550W power supply to be freed of problems in the future. :stuck_out_tongue:

still don’t get it why it resettet your bios settings
better put them, on writi-disabled in your bios…or check your battery on the mobo


I had a 300W supply. I calculated the need on all rails, i.e. 3.3V, 5V and 12 V and figured out that the power supply was just sufficient when it did not need to steer out everything in my PC at once. I think it just got overloaded at some point. My system just blacked out and rebooted. Perhaps the supply gave a short freak burst of voltage or so which damaged the writer and resetted the bios. I just can’t think of anything else.
I have two rom drives, three HD, graphics, soundcard, external modem, internal network card, extra usb ports, extra fan, etc etc. Kinda much for a 300 W supply.


yes i think so

that i was a have 2 psu…using the old one for the fans and stuff