Problems with my 1610 and 1620

Ok I don’t know what is going on but here is the scoop:

My 1610 is virtually useless for burining dvd’s now, the light flickers a fast pace red/green when it does burn, cd’s is about all it can do, dvd’s just hang in Nero (latest version), but when it does burn cd’s it takes much longer, like 15 min to do a whole cd at 40x.

My 1620 burns DVD’s but often takes twice as long (15min as opposed to 6min when burning at 16x) its light also flicks red/green when burning at the beginning of a burn, then just flicks red.

I have also experienced hanging burns, where nero is not responding, the light on the drive is flicking red, it does not respond to the eject button, I cannot kill nero and I basically have to reboot. I just noticed as I’m writing this, I was doing a burn, its stopped responding at 11%, and I am going to have to reboot, the red light is flicking on the drive, but there is nothing I can do. Both drives have lastest firmware, they are in master/slave config, system is Pentium 2.2 GHz, windows XP SP2. I updated the firmware on my 1620 some time ago as it was an OEM and I flashed it to retail, it was working fine for weeks and them both just started acting up. I burn mostly BenQ media, rated at 8x and I burn it at 16.



Power supply going bad? Seems funny both would die at the same time.

I have had no other indications that there is anything wrong with my PS. I agree it is strange that they are both experiencing problems at the same time. The other problem I am having is at the end of a burn using nero, when I click on the DONE box, there is sometimes a pause of a few seconds to minutes, where nero does not respond, or eject the disc I just burned.


Did you change any hardware configuration?
Did you install or update windows recently?
Did you install any software recently?
Are you experiencing any system performance decrease?
Is there any spyware running in your system?
Are you getting buffer underrun when burning cdr?

Sounds like your DMA went to PIO mode. Check that out!

I checked my secondary IDE controller and the primary device, which I belive is my 1610 is in PIO mode, how did that happen? My second device is my 1620 I believe and its un UDMA mode 2. Could the fact that my 1610 is in PIO mode also be screwing up my 1620? Did my 1610 go to PIO mode because its failing? How do I get it back to UDMA mode?


also check your hard drive ide mode if it is in PIO
choose “DMA if available” for all drive then ok to reboot

Maybe your bios setting choose PIO then it limited windows to user PIO.
Maybe you didn’t install or you didn’t install the updated controller driver for your motherboard. There is a counter in windows for counting the number of time input output failure for the IDE controller. When the counter reach 6, that’s mean the system IDE controller input output access at the current speed is unstable. Windows will reduce the IDE mode for lower transfer speed for stability (ie PIO).