Problems with multisession DVD

Hi there!

I’ve written a Backup Application in C++ using the Nero API. The application creates a multisession disc and appends new backup data by first importing the existing tracks from the disc and then adding the new data from an ISO item tree.

All this works perfectly fine when I’m using CD-R or CD-RW.

When I’m doing the same with a DVD+RW media I’m able to create the multisession and burn data to the media and I’m also able to import it later but when I try to burn a “new” session I always get an error from Nero that the expected media is a DVD+R/RW and the inserted media is DVD+RW.

I’ve tried it both with the NERO_MEDIA_TYPE set to MEDIA_DVD_ANY and MEDIA_DVD_P_RW when calling the NeroBurn function but the behaviour is the same in both cases!

I’ve tried to continue a multisession DVD+RW using the Nero GUI and that works fine!

I’m using Nero and the Nero SDK v 1.04.

Any ideas???

Thanx, Pöchi

Does it work with NeroCMD?

Try the following commands:
> nerocmd --write --real --drivename “e” --detect_non_empty_cdrw --recursive --dvd --iso “test” c: est
> nerocmd --write --real --drivename “e” --detect_non_empty_cdrw --import --recursive --dvd --iso “test” c: est2

If yes, do you supply the CDStamp you have got from NeroImportDataTrack back to NeroAPI?

Hi Matze!

Thanks for the hint. I’ve freed the CD-stamp structure after importing the ISO track and when burning the session I always set it to NULL. Now I’m using the CD-stamp from the import as you suggested and it works also for DVDs.

Thanks again,

I appear to have the same problem but my solution is proving hard to find. Running the quick NeroCmd test I have a fail and a pass. NeroCmd Passes and fails.

My application is based strongly (OK its gots lots of the same source files) as NeroCmd that came with the SDK.

I appear to to be using CD-Stamp in the correct way (exactly the same as NeroCmd in this case)

Any other ideas?


OK, Ive fixed my problem

Nero API version is required for NeroCmd and my application to work. is just not good enough :cool: