Problems with mp3/wma playback in car audio

hi i just bought a LG car audio system LAC-m5500 mp3/wma cd player(plays cd-r/cd-rw). and im having problems with the mp3/wma playback. when i insert a disk with mp3’s/wma’s on it, it begins to play the first song alright for the first 3 seconds, then the songs starts to skip for a while, then it play for sometime then it again starts skipping, this goes on. i tried about 5-8 different discs on the player, and i noticed that IT ALWAYS STARTS SKIPPING AFTER THE FIRST 3 SECONDS. This is the case with mp3 files, and with wma files, instead of skipping, it pauses for a while in certain areas, then resumes playing and pausing, and this goes on. EVEN IN WMA FILES, THIS PROBLEMS STARTS AFTER THE FIRST 3 SECONDS OF THE SONG. I tried various branded cds - Samsung, Sony, Moser Baer, Imation. Various types of cds cd-r52x, cd-r<52x, cd-rw10x. All of these discs were 700mb/80mins. And this system is just 4days old :confused:. Please help, what do i do :sad:

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What app do you use to burn these tracks and at what speed? Using Nero has been known to cause various playback problems.

Many similar problems can be eased by using Verbatim CD-R media & burning at no faster than 16x

actually i burnt the cds @4x i think its the slowest speed possible :confused:
i used roxio’s easy cd&dvd creator 6, although it was mentioned in the manual to use “Easy CD Creator” to create mp3 discs - The problem is i cant find this software. Any suggestions ?

It should be Classic Creator & select MP3 disc. I use Roxio 7 but I’m sure that 6 does it much the same. It’s definitely my preferred app for music CDs.

Try burning at 16x, it’s certainly the recommended speed for music discs on this forum.