Problems with MP3 Files

Hi, I am having trouble with some CDs with MP3 files on them. My computer says that I have put blank discs in my computer, however I have played them on my Blu-Ray Player and they come up. When I go into my computer it comes up as DVD-RW F drive but on the CD it says CD-R. Can you please help me solve this problem?

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If the disc is readable by your blu-ray player (I assume you are referring to a standalone player), then the disc is fine, so the most probable cause is that your computer drive has some problems, like some dust over the lens. A lens cleaning should solve, but is better avoid using the CD cleaning kits available in the market because these can actually scratch lens, and make things worst. Is better to open the drive and clean lens with isopropyl alcohol (the same used to clean turntable pickup).

Another most probable cause is that the CD is indeed ruined and is not easily readable, so I suggest to try recover all data from that disc as soon as possible and then burn data on another CD.

If your computer drive is not able to retrieve data from that CD, maybe you can ask a friend to try with his/her computer to read the disc :slight_smile:

I wonder if the drive that burned these has a FINALIZE option? The burning drive is the same BluRay drive that plays them, right?

But no other drive can ‘see’ them?

This could be a FINALIZE issue, or perhaps a MULTI SESSION issue on a PLUS disk.

Right, Multisession Mode is a no-go with such, and make sure the disc got finalized/closed properly.

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Sounds like the PC drive can’t read them [properly] for whatever reason.

Maybe your Blu-ray unit is less picky.

In addition to the other fine suggestions, does a friend or family member have a drive that’ll read the discs, in case you’d like to copy its contents to new discs?

This is also a Windows problem & I don’t know of a fix .

I haven’t had your specific problem & it might be any of various drivers .
cdfs.sys or udfs.sys for example.

On my Vista & a Windows 7 laptop there is a type of DVD recorded in -VR mode that neither will read the contents . They don’t actually show as “blank” in that they can be opened . All they show when opened is a desktop.ini . However when opened with ISOBuster they show the files .

If you have XP or earlier you might want to enable IMAPI or disable it .

Sometimes going to Device Manager & uninstalling the drive .
Then rebooting can fix the problem .

[QUOTE=ChristineBCW;2659290]This could be a FINALIZE issue, or perhaps a MULTI SESSION issue on a PLUS disk.[/QUOTE]

a DVD or BD player would not play CDs that arent finalized. Only PCs can play such CDs. I suggest trying in a PCs DVD or BD drive, finalize the CDs.
Also, is this an audio CD made from MP3s, or MP3s in folders?

[QUOTE=Romphotog;2659622]a DVD or BD player would not play CDs…[/QUOTE]
Yes - unless it’s a standalone burner, a DVR-type device and it’s the device that burned the files to the disk in the first place.

Hence my original question - which remains unanswered: “Is the device that burned this disk the same one that plays them, but no other device does?”

If this is correct, then it’s a FINALIZE issue, or a MULTI-SESSION issue. The disk might be re-inserted to that device and finalized then.