Problems with MP3 audio


I am new to the product (platinum version) and this forum. I have been using DVDFab Express + DVDx for years without any problems so I am not new to the process. I think DVDFab PLatinum looks like the best all-in-one product on the market, and I was looking forward to drop DVDx but so far any attempt failed.

I am using the “generic.avi.xvid.mp3.dvdfab.xml” profile and any attempt, including almost any permutation of the parameters available, always yelds the same result: the MP3 audio track is very very low (almost inaudible) and appears to not be synched properly (if I try to fast forward or jump forward then the audio disappears completely).

Is anybody here who could give me some idea of why this is happening?

Thanks in beforehand


hi, Alex

I think maybe that is not the problem of mp3 audio, maybe it is a problem of your player or mp3 decode filter in your PC ?

Which player is your using ?

Please copy your result file to other PC and play it and watch the result.

If there are still have problem of your file, please tell us.


Thanks Ting. I tried on two other machnies but the problem is the same no matter on which machine I play the file. On all machines I use Windows Media Player and the original DivX codec but I have also tried the DivX player and got the same result.

I must also add that on the same machine I have installed Dvdx and PocketDivX. When I convert a DVD to AVI using DVDx(using the DivX encoder) or PocketDivx (uses a built in XVid encoder) I get playable avi’s with no problem. The problem appears only when using DVDFAB Platinum.