Problems with movies locking up

I used OmniPatcher V1.0.3 and used firmware GSC2 on a 851S Burner.

I burned some movies on DVD+R at 4x and 8x and when I play the movie if I pause the movie it locks up. Also the movie has 3 episodes and it plays the first 2 episodes but will not play the 3rd episode. it seems like the burn worked fine but I am not sure if it was to fast for the media I used I tried 2 types of media (Maxell DVD+R 4x) at 8x and tried a (comp usa DVD-R 2x cheap Princo) at 4x. both types of media did the same thing. Both Burns completed I also used Alcohol 120% & RecordNow MAX 4.5 .

PS: How would I change the book type befor I burn with Alcohol 120% & RecordNow MAX 4.5. Or do I have to use Nero and if so where is the Option for that. also the book type should be " dvd rom " for the best compadabitly for dvd players Correct?

Thanks for any help fnice

Prico is garbage, but Maxell +R is usually pretty decent.

Sounds like and issue with the DVD files. Try backing up a different DVD and see if the problem still happens. If it doesn’t then you will need to make a another/better backup of the original.

first i would suggest scanning the discs with kprobe/dvdinfopro or cd/dvdspeed to see if there are problems with the disc at the end. to find these proggies check the liteontools faq in ssseth’s sig.

if you omnipatched amd checked enable autobitsetting (if grayed out it is either already set or not able to be set) then it is automatically done for you nothing to do in alcohol or nero.

Unless it’s the latest .15 version of Nero. See my post in the Nero forum. Looks like .15 of Nero broke something 'cuz my drive ain’t bitsetting correctly any more ever since I installed that version. :confused:

  • check the source (if the source is crapy, you have a lot of chance that ur copy will be crapy too
  • check your rip. (have u tested it in your pc before burning it ?), did u delete some features of the dvd ? … If you delete some bonus material, … the structure of the film can be corrupted and give problem at the play. By the way what do u use to rip your films ?
  • check your media
  • test it with the correct speed. If a media is rated 4x, burn it a 4x then test with Kprobe to see if the burn is good or not…
  • with low cost media, don’t fill the entire media. Rip to to let 50 mega free on the disk to avoid bad quality problem at the end of the disk (princo have these problem. The last mega of the disk are really bad and most of the time the film has problem on the end.)

I Believe I have found the problem I used DVD Shrink and it looks like the end was choppy. I opened the iso file from dvd shrink and the last episode(3) was choppy it compressed the movie to 47% I am thinking that it messed up somewhere and I burned it a few times and all were the same. I have made tons and never had a problem till now… Thank you Guys for all your input … fnice

it didn’t have anything to do with compression!

I have 851S GSC2 patched with omnipatcher-1.1.2… I found that I had to remove some of the check marks “Patches to Apply” had to remove Enable auto-setting, Earlier shift, and Utilize shift-fixing. The reason for removing was every movie I made even at 2x when the disc was a real 8x the movie at 3/4 of the way through would always slow down and the movie would freeze. This did fix the problem for me so far. Hopfully this might help someone else if they have have some problems with movies.

PS: I didn’t have problems making Data disc with at patches installed Just movies

use the correct speed for the media. A 8x disk is made to be burned at 8x, you can have problem with other speed.

data disk are different cause the quality of the burn/media is less important.

If it is labeled e.g. 1X-8X DVD-R it should handle 1X, 2X, 4X, 6X, 8X and not only 8X (different drives use different strats., some start @ 4X, some @ 6X)

Not really true.

One bad sector in case of movie can cost you for example 1 sec. pixelisation, dropping sound , etc.

One bad sector in case of data backup can cost you days, months, years of work!..cause the file will be unrecoverably unreadable!

true but few are labeled 1x-8x… Even good brand (ex: emtec +r 4x are 4x certified. They work at other speed, but this is not the case for every brand…) i tested some other brand 4x certified at 2x… each time it was a coaster…

If it’s a bad sector ok, but if the quality of the dye is variable, the quality of the burns will change (intensity of the laser). The pc dvd players are better reader for “error” dvd than standalone. (test for scratch,…)

only if you backup big files and compressed ones, where one cluster that can’t be read makes the whole document unreadable.

But the question is always the same. It depends on the importance of the backup that you want make. If it’s for job (database backup,…) you will use professionnal material and so professional media to do it. To do it otherwise should be insane.
For home backup, if it’s important, same story. For the rest you decide to risk or not…

For example, I have one of my projects burned (safely on Verbatim DVD+R :wink: ) that has about 30000 files. Most of it are JPEGs, then about 30 database tables dumps and about 80 source code files. Even if there was only one bad (unreadable) sector it would cause too much trouble. (if it was in source, I could write it again, but it could be some of the JPEGs…)