Problems with movie Solaris and DVDXCopy Xpress

With my Pioneer DVD-106 I can’t get DVDXCopy Xpress (2.0.1) to even read the movie Solairs (with George Clooney) properly. Comes up with an error about a sector corrupted or something like that. Any ideas anyone?

Great movie. Didn’t have any problems copying mine (I just like the feature film and hate going through the menus, so Xpress is just my ticket.)

Anyway, I’m sure you’ve checked the master disk for smudges. I’d go ahead and upgrade to Version 3 of Xpress and see if that doesn’t work. I wouldn’t put too much stock in the “Copy Entire Disc” box on the pop-up menu. It’s a feature that needs work. And when I’ve gotten mine to copy an entire disk, image quality doesn’t meet my high standards.



hey all

just a note …got same thing copying disney movies at the very end though …

but i dont normal use dvdxcopy …i have version 3

I use dvdshrink and nero to just burn it which is quicker and the video quality is alot better …but hey that is just my input

Also with dvd shrink you can pick your compression and if you just want the movie you can just reauthor and just have the movie …it is very easy to work with i copy all movies that way after testing dvdxcopy and getting mad …

if questions on how to do this feel free to write back or contact me via messenger

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Hello I am new to the forum and I have the most recent version of DVDXCOPY XPRESS. I have backed up about 3 movies with no problems. At least none that are apparent to my untrained rookie eye. I am a pessimist, and was not expecting the product to work despite the money I paid for the product. My expectations were exceeded. I find it hard to believe that I can get better results with any other product especially with the legal issues that 321 Studios is facing. If the products that you suggested using are better, would I be able to obtain a copy that will allow me to bypass the copy protection on my DVD collection?

If I could I would like to sneak an extra media question in here also. I have used Memorex DVD+R media on all of my 3 successful burns. Is there any other media out there that will work and play in my home DVD players that are a little more gentle on the wallet?