Problems with motherboard or bios?

Serious problem here got one pc that got 3 trojoans and i was trying to fix and oncw i removed them now during boot i get a messagae saying

“NTLDR is missing”

I can get to computer to boot but only with system disk in during boot process… Ihave tried to replace the files from the system disk to same location but all will not copy

After what i have looked at on the internet I came to the conclusion the i need to reflash the bios because it occurs during boot…Am i right???
I have tried to use the disk that came with Motherboard but nothing works

The motherboard is Elite Group 848A Pentium 4

Does anyone know where i can get a new bios or alternitve ways of fixing this problem…Please help

NTLDR is a file in Windows so i wouldn’t reflash your BIOS.
i can’t remember how to replace or re-install the NTLDR file but maybe do a search on it.
or you could just re-install Windows as that would fix it.
hope this helps abit.

i just did a search on Google and there’s a ton of info about Missing NTLDR file.
good luck.

I guess you run either Win2k or WinXP? Well… just boot from the installation CD of Windows. There you can choose to recover an installed version of windows (by pressing the R as soon as the “what action to take” screen pops up). You’ll end up in a MS-DOS alike environment. By giving the command “fixboot” it should all be fixed. If not, you could try “fixmbr” as well. Be be cautious though, fixmbr can lead to non-accesable partitions.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Ok first ever techy problem for me so i hope someone can help me .
i have a asus A7V8X-X m/b it was installed only a few weeks ago, i need to format my main pc but cannot get into the bios. When i restart and press the delete key it takes me to the asus screen and prompts me to either press tab for post (which is wehre i want to go) or press ctrl and f2 for flash bios (dont want that) it wont let me into either screen, i have tried a different keyboard but it still dos’nt work (btw im not usisng usb keyboard)
any ideas before i take it back to the shop and yell that the guy has fitted it incorectly

oops sorry meant the Del key on numeric keypad not the delete key :o

I have tried a fresh copy and that has not worked…Dont know why…and google has been where i have been looking at most…Thanks

i have tried this too and nothing worked…oh xp by the way…thanks for help

Ill do this right away have not tried this yet

Thankyou to all that are trying to help

I to have the “NTLDR is missing” problem with a brand new machine and brand new HD.I have tried most of the solutions offered here and some but still have the problem.I am now running the machine with the installation disk permanantly in the rom drive.I have not tried “fixboot” yet.My MB is a GigabyteGA-8IPE775 Pro and I have flashed the BIOS with the latest update.
Still looking for a solution,