Problems with Moser Baer 8x DVD+R DL [MBIPG101 R10]



I seem t o have more problems burning MBIPG101-R10-065 than any other code - the drives seem to “burn out” on them after a few hundred burns. ANY brand of drive, and only probs with these discs - any SL still burn fine, but using ImgBurn, I get EC Uncorrectable Errors, even at 4x.


FWIW, mine are Kodak brand.

(And I still don’t really know how to read/interpret the result images :frowning: )


I seriously wish someone would help explain why I get SO many coasters from this MID - regardless of the drive I use. I have tried everything I can find. I always get errors with ImgBurn on verify, even when burning at 4x :frowning:


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And long story short: It’s a crappy disc model.


It seems that Ricoh had something to do with the development of this MID as we’ve seen instances where these discs have Ricoh stamper codes. It’s possible they use Advanced SD dye as well, so I wonder if it’s just a matter of poor firmware support. I may try swapping strats with RICOHJPN D01 and CMC MAG D03 (also uses SD dye).


^ I think it kind of mirrors how FTI uses Ricoh and MKM/MCC stampers (and more) for its own media. They kind of use whatever stamper & materials they find to be better at the time, I suppose.

FTI just does a much better job of producing the media (under its own MID or the Ricoh and MKM models) than Moser Baer does (under its own MID or the Ricoh and MKM models).


Here’s a burn of MBIPG101 R10 with a BenQ DW1650 using MCSE to use the RICOHJPN D01 strat.