Problems with more than one title in Generic

Why is it that I am having problems converting more than one title on a DVD to generic AVI?

I can do The following titles ok 1,3,5, but when I try to do 2,4,6 I get the endles loop while Analysing. And then it crashes when I try to close the prog.

I have tried CloneDVD mobile and that works perfectly, but the quality does not seem to be that good.

I really don’t want to spend money if I can’t see a fix in the near future.

The Disc I am trying to convert is TwilightZone B&W season 1

I have also had the same error on other DVDs

I have tried to contact the support team on more than one occasion but get no reply. So your my last resort.

Any Help Appriciated


hi, Please try the new beta, you can find in this forum.

Hi Mikeypr,

Please try to see the result:

Best Regards,

Thanks for tyring to help,

I downloaded the latest one, but I am still getting exactly the same problem.

If I select either tracks 2,4,6 I get the endles analyzing loop. Then when I try to exit the programm it crashes.

Hope you can shed some more light on it for me.


You may need to clear history in IE and do some computer maintenance to get rid of old garbage left from past failures. Make sure none of the other burning and decrypting programs are not conflicting.


I have been through the registry with a fine tooth comb, emptied all file, but still having the problem.

Why would my IE history affect it’s operation?

Still no closer to an answer.

Strange how all other parts of the programm still work.

At first I thought it may be a dodgy CODEC but why only the even numbers?

Any more help appriciated.



Sometimes a page will be stored in the history and you will not get latest update. I don’t use the feature, so hopefully someone who does will post. I was just offered some general information.


hi, Mikeypr

What your problem is very stranger, if you have got a crash report, please send to us and help us to fix this problem.

If you send crash report file, please let me know.