Problems with media for video burning

Hi, I’m Yess. Not in any meaning of the word a freak. Not even a newbie. Surely, I’ve made an effort to solve my dummy problem, but it seems to be beyond my skills, which is not that difficult because I have none when it comes to computers and software. I could pretend to be blond with big boobs (if that would work), but even that doesn’t come close. So, I am not sure if this is the right forum to turn to. But I’m going to give it a try! I’ve got this idea that you certainly will let me know if this is not the place to be for me! :iagree:

My problem:
I’ve been trying to burn downloaded video movies. :smiley:
Now I want these movies on a dvd+rw, so I’ll be able to use it in the DVD player. First I tried the standard Nero smart start. Didn’t work out, got the message: not enough memory available. So I uploaded Nero 6 up to latest version: no go: the (new) dvd+rw 4.7 GB seems not to be recognised by the system [Samsung CDRW/DVD SM-352f]. Now I have downloaded the demo version of nero7….A very smart program which is far too heavy for what I need and want to do on the computer. I only want to be able to burn downloaded films! Besides Nero 7 is interfering in business where I don’t want any interferences! Anyway, what happens is that the movie is being prepared for burning on dvd+rw. After puffing and tossing for more then an hour it turns out that the dvd+rw is still not recognised by the system. It reads no disc! When I put a music-cd or dvd-cd in the disc drive, they are both recognised by the system. But the dvd+rw NOT. The only thing I can imagine to be going wrong is that I don’t have the right dvd+rw. But then again: they soled me these in the shop as the one to put my downloaded films on. If this is not the right dvd+rw ( Hema DVD+RW 4.7 GB 4x for video/data dvd+rewritable) to use, what is? Or what else could be the problem within my reach to solve?

Although my English is not that bad, I would very much appreciate to receive an answer in Dutch; I’m afraid that otherwise, I will be too puzzled by the English technical terms. :slight_smile:

Is there anyone with some spare time with the wish to help me out? Tnx in advance! :flower:


Ps. I’ve found the search button on this site, but nothing referring to my problem…………

You want to convert and then burn movies to DVD+RW, that is a difference.Technically this is called “transcoding”. After this, you can burn the dvd compliant data onto a DVD to watch it into a dvd player.

May you find useful threads in the video sections, but also here:

And you might also need a drive that can actually [I]burn [/I] a DVD. The Samsung CDRW/DVD SM-352f can only [I]read [/I] DVDs.

[QUOTE=chef]You want to convert …

Do I? Even if I would want to do so; the system needs to reed the disc in the disc drive before I can do anything with it. Up till now it gives the message: insert disc/disc drive empty/no disc found/blanc field etc. ! But I will start with reading the links you gave me……


I see….
Then the solution is very simple: no go for burning! Although I’ve been able to make (readable) back-ups on data disc in the past with the same Samsung SM-352f, or is this technically something totally different?


Well, you may have written data onto CD media.

Taken from

Model SM-352F
â– Write
→ CD-R : 7800KB/sec (52X), 7200KB/sec (48X), 6000KB/sec (40X), 4800KB/sec (32X),
3600KB/sec (24X), 2400KB/sec (16X), 1200KB/sec (8X)
→ CD-RW : 4,800KB.sec (32X), 3600KB/sec (24X), 2400KB/sec (16X),
1500KB/sec (10X), 600KB/sec (4X)

â– Read
→ CD/CD-R : CAV 52X
→ DVD : CAV 16X


Im new to this. Can anyone tell me how to put up a new post of my own?

It’s not my intention to pour more salt in your wounds Yess but I hope you paid for those movies.

…I only want to be able to burn downloaded films!..

Welcome traolach. :slight_smile:

Go to main (Samsung) forum page and choose -New Thread-
Make a informative topic to your question and provide as much information as you can.

Good luck.

Oeps! :doh:

It seems that i will need to get myself a ‘real’ dvd-burner! Had no clue. Thank you all for teaching me on this subject.

Ps: Pinto2

[QUOTE=pinto2]It’s not my intention to pour more salt in your wounds Yess but I hope you paid for those movies. …

You hope I paid for it? :confused:


Because most of the movies downloaded are done so illegally and this forum doesn’t allow discussion of anything illegal like that.

I’m not suggesting you’ve done any such thing just explaining the comment. :slight_smile:


They were certainly legally downloaded! I’ll keep your remark in mind.

:smiley: Yess