Problems with MCC01RG20 media

I’m very dissapointed, i recently buy a NEC3500 dvd writter, i burned some RITEKG04 dvd’s without any problem but now i got 50 dvd VERBATIM SLIM 4x the id of the cds are MCC01RG20, i buyed berbatim coz everybody says in the forums that they are a good and quality media.

Well i got 2 coasters of 2 burns with nero when the dvd begins at 1% it gives me a seek error “error no seek complete” and gives up. Also testing with nero cd-dvd speed (no seek complete 030200) ,dvd movie backup. I’m writting at 2x

As i said i’m burning well with ritekg04 and now i got 50 (future coasters?) Verbatim. No firmware update of any kind.

Any help please?


Get warned about this.

burned some MCC 00RG200(Verbatim Datalife 15pack 2x DVD-R) before, half coasters.

yes i read the thread, my main problem is that … even at 2x it fails. I upgraded the firmware to herrie’s 2.17 and tried to burn at 8x (figure!) … seems that this last burns got well. I dunno , as i said i’m very dissapointed i buyed verbatim coz EVERYBODY along the boards says that berbatim is a great dvd.

If i try that media in another writter and get no errors i’ll consider return my nec3500AG to the shop … otherway i’ll return the media … i’m tyred of all this shit.

Any problem if i flash again the writter with the old firmware… any clue to the support services to kill my warranty???