Problems with matshita UJ 850D


Already a long time i’m having trouble with my matshita dvd writer.
I checked around the web and I saw that lot’s of people have the same problems as me (can’t read cd’s or can’t write dvd’s etc…).
Now my dvd writer broke completely and I would like to buy a new dvd writer.

1.Could somebody tell me a sugestion with brand and type to buy to avoid all these problems and it should also be compatible with my notebook that used the Matshita writer?

  1. I saw taht panasonic aloso sells dvd writers under the uj 850 type is it making the same trouble as the matshita one is doing or if they give out under the name Panasonic it means that this one is better?

Hoping on a answer,

When replacing a laptop optical drive, you have very limited options; contact your laptop manufacturer (presumably Toshiba) for supported drives. Personally, I’d recommend that you buy an external drive instead; not only is it cheaper but you have much greater choice and can use it with any system that you want.